Intel Graphics And Media Control Panel Là Gì


The Hãng Graphics Control Panel is automatically installed with the graphics drivers for5th Generation® Chip Core Processors or older. The Graphics Control Panel does not need to be installed from the Microsoft Store on these systems.

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For 6th Generation® Vi xử lý Core Processors andnewer, the Graphics Control Panel has been discontinued & has been replaced with the Hãng sản xuất Graphics Comm& Center. SeeHow to lớn Install the® Graphics Command Centerfor installation instructions.

Don't know your processor generation? SeeHow to Find the Generation of® Core™ Processors.

What are you seeing?

After downloading the® Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft Store and launching it from its location in the Start thực đơn, the application fails to launch (no error messages appear).



The® Graphics Settings 'right-click' contextual option seen below is no longer available when using Windows DCH Graphics drivers. You can find and open the® Graphics Control Panel from Windows Start thực đơn. Find more information.

How khổng lồ fix it

Before continuing:Only proceed if you havea 6th Generation® Processoror older processorvà you have sầu previously downloaded Hãng sản xuất Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft Store.

ClickStart > Settings > Apps & Features.Locate uninstall the® Graphics Control Panel and® Graphics Driver.

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Restart the computer.Right-clickthe start menu and go to Device Manager.Click Display Adapters.Right-clickthe® HD Graphics Adapter và cliông chồng Update Driver.Note
: If no previous driver is found the device appears as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
Click Search automatically for updated driver software.
Windows Update will automatically search for, download, & install the lachạy thử graphics driver validated for your computer.

The following scenartiện ích ios may trigger an issue causing the Hãng Graphics Control Panel to fail to lớn launch:

Your computer manufacturer, also referred lớn as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), is pushing và installing DC drivers through Windows Update service. The DC driver overwrites any DCH driver previously installed. However, the® Graphics Control Panel application downloaded from the Microsoft Store isn’t removed from the system during the DC driver installation. This leads to two instances of the® Graphics Control Panel existing on the system, which causes neither Control Panel khổng lồ open.The issue may also be triggered if you downloaded and installed the® Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft® Store while the DC drivers were already installed.
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